Welcome to the official documentation for AWESOM-O!

In this lengthy document, you’ll learn many things like what AWESOM-O is and what it does, how to navigate our website and, most importantly, how to support us on Patreon! Let’s just jump into it!


Before we discuss our website, we will first discuss the reason why you’ll visit the website: AWESOM-O! What is AWESOM-O, you ask? AWESOM-O is a Discord bot that can perform many South Park related commands. From two random characters being pit against each other in combat to displaying accurate stats for South Park: Phone Destroyer cards, (Including correct images) AWESOM-O is far from short of content! South Park commands not really doing it for you? We have that covered as well! Assuming you have the creative vision for a command and the ability to click a mouse, you can make that command a reality with AWESOMO’s script creator! There’s no shortage of fun to be had with AWESOM-O as the possibilities are (literally) endless!