Viewing your profile

There are multiple ways of viewing your profile, Here are just some ways.

Through the Dashboard

There are two ways on the dashboard of accessing your profile.

User Details Panel

At the top right, Click on your avatar and just above "Logout" is the "View Profile" button

Dashboard Sidebar

On the sidebar, you can simply click on the "View Profile" button below the "Dashboard Home" button

-pf command

You can simply type -pf and your profile will appear.

Pro Tip: You can also view other users profiles by typing -pf theirnamehere

-pflink command

Mattheous made a handy command that lets you get a link straight to your profile through Discord

Adding the command

To add, simply go to the Marketplace and in the search box, type "profile".

You should find the AWESOM-O Profile Link command, you can add it by simply clicking on the

Using the command

All you now have to do, is type -pflink and AWESOM-O will give you a link to your profile!

Editing your profile

When you view your profile online, AWESOM-O will recognise that you are viewing your profile and present you with this option at the bottom (or top if you are using mobile) of the page.

Clicking on "Edit your profile" will bring up this modal.

Profile Options

Profile Background: Enter an image URL to put as the background for your profile

Short Bio: A small bio that appears underneath your avatar

Social Links: You can enter 3 socials that you would like to share with the world

Modules: You can select if you want to enable modules or not. These modules are:

About Section: A bigger section where you can write lots and use markdown

Artwork Showcase: A gallery where you can showcase your art


Name Requirements
Feinwaru Developer Be a developer for Feinwaru
Moderator Be a moderator on the Feinwaru server
Partner Be a partner of Feinwaru / Feinwaru server
Friend Donate $1 on Patreon
Best Friend Donate $5 on Patreon
Super Best Friend Donate $10 on Patreon
Translator Provide translations for the website
Artist Provide art for the website / Feinwaru
Art Contest 2018 1st Place Win the art contest overall
Art Contest 2018 2nd Place ~ come second place
Art Contest 2018 3rd Place ~ come third place
Art Contest 2018 Weekly Winner ~ win one of the weeks
Colouring Contest 2018 1st Place Win the colouring contest overall
Colouring Contest 2018 2nd Place ~ come second place
Colouring Contest 2018 3rd Place ~ come third place
Colouring Contest 2018 Weekly Winner ~ win one of the weeks
AWESOM-O 1.0 User User of the first version of AWESOM-O (Oct '17 - Feb '18)
AWESOM-O 2.0 User User of the second version of AWESOM-O (Feb '18 - Sept '18)
Verified Script Have a script verified by Feinwaru Devs
Featured Script Have a script featured on the marketplace. Curated by the Feinwaru Devs and Moderators