This section of the website is dedicated to allow our patrons to easily manage AWESOM-O and how it behaves on their server as well as add AWESOM-O to new servers.

You can navigate to it on the sidebar:

Server Manager

Adding AWESOM-O to your server

Here you can add AWESOM-O to new server by clicking on the blue button

However, since AWESOM-O is only available for patrons, just adding him to a server will not work. This is where the server manager comes in.

Enabling AWESOM-O

Here you can enable AWESOM-O on as many servers as your Patreon subscription allows by clicking on the switch next to the server.

Note that you dont need to press the update button when enabling/disabling AWESOM-O

Changing the prefix

You can also change the prefix used for bot commands by changing it in the text field of the appropriate server and pressing the update button. Note that AWESOM-O must be enabled on a server for this text field to become visible.

Script manager

Here you can configure who can run AWESOM-O commands and even limit them to certain channels. These settings are applied on a per script basis, with global permissions coming soon™️

Each script has a members, roles, and channels list, each of which can either be configured as a whitelist or a blacklist.


  • A blacklist will prevent anyone on the list to run the script.
  • A whitelist will only allow those on the list to run the script.

You can do this by toggling this switch (Orange indicates selected):

Selecting Members/Roles/Channels

The members list requires you to enter member ids. You can learn how to get those here.

The Roles and Channels allow you to select from a dropdown which options you would like.

When you are finished, make sure to hit the save button!

Note that for any member to be able to run a command, said member must pass all permission checks, i.e. A single blacklisted role will disallow the use of the command even if the member also has other roles