Getting Started

Now, let’s discuss the website: is the link. Click it and you’ll be taken to the homepage for AWESOMO’s website. From there, you will need to sign in by clicking Go to Dashboard!

You’ll receive a pop-up window prompting you to sign in using your Discord information. (Don’t worry, we won’t use or sell your data like Facebook!)

Known Issue: After first login, the box may display Discord itself. If this happens, please close the window and click on the Login button again

After logging in, one of two things will happen. If you aren’t in a server containing AWESOM-O, you will receive an alert and will be booted back to the homepage. If you are in a server that contains AWESOM-O, you’ll find yourself on the dashboard! From here, you can do many things, such as…

Learning the Dashboard

Once you are logged in through Discord, you will see a screen similar to below. I have labelled each key section in order to explain the key features on how to use the AWESOM-O Dashboard

Dashboard Home

Brings you back to the Dashboard Homepage.

View Profile

This let's you view your own Profile. You can view your stats and change whatever you'd like. The changes can also be viewed through the accompanying -pf command.

View the Profiles documentation


This lets you view all of the commands enabled on the server currently selected.

View the full list of AWESOM-O's base commands


The marketplace lets you share commands you have made with our script editors with our community for use on other servers.

View the Marketplace documentation

Basic Script Editor

This is an easy alternative to create commands quick and easily without having to type JavaScript in manually. You can currently choose from 4 presets (Text, Random Text, Image, and GIFs), fill in the relevant information and let AWESOM-O do all the work.

View the Basic Script Editor documentation

Advanced Script Editor

Contrary to the prior, this lets you dive heads first into the code and create whatever you want.

You will need to have an understanding of JavaScript AND discord.js to be able to properly use this feature!

If you do not have this knowledge, it is advised to stay clear and use the Basic Script Editor.

View the Advanced Script Editor documentation

Patron-Only Features

These features are only available for Patrons who are supporting us through Patreon or PayPal

Server Manager

The Server Manager lets you add/remove AWESOM-O from servers and change the prefix for each server.

Script Manager

The script manager lets you whitelist or blacklist scripts from certain users/roles/channels on your server.

View the Patron-Only features documentation

Legacy Features

These features are no longer maintained or updated. They exist solely for archival purposes

Legacy Bindings

View the list of all bindings you made using the AWESOM-O 2.0 binding system, which has now been replaced with the Script Bindings command available from the Marketplace.

1.0 & 2.0 Stats

This lets you view the leaderboards from the previous versions of AWESOM-O

  • Activity Scores (Based on the user's message activity)
  • It Hits The Fan (How many times the user has said "shit")


Starting from left to right, we have:

Server Selector

This lets you select a server to make changes to. This is an essential component of using the AWESOM-O Dashboard.

Some pages will require this information be correct in order to function as intended. These are:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Commands
User Details

This will be your Discord Avatar. Once clicked, you can either:

  1. View your profile
  2. Logout of AWESOM-O
Language Selector

This is represented by EN.

This allows you to change the language from English into any other language that the community has translated AWESOM-O into.

Learn more about translating here

Dashboard Home

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory so I won't go into too much detail.

Total Servers

This lists all of the Discord servers that AWESOM-O has been added to.

Total Online

This lists the total amount of AWESOM-O users that are online out of the total.

Commands Used

This counts the usage statistics for every command and adds them up to provide this number.

Total Commands

This lists the total amount of commands that AWESOM-O currently has. This is made up of:

  1. AWESOM-O Vanilla commands.
  2. User-made scripts.
  3. Scripts made through the -bind command.