If you don’t have great knowledge of JavaScript or just want to create a basic command, you can use the Basic Script editor! By clicking on the Basic Script editor on the sidebar, you’ll be taken to this page:

Creating your first command

Selecting the type

Here, you can pick from four different options: Text, Random Text, Image and Gif!

Filling out the information

Every type needs…

For every type, you will need to input a name for the command, the trigger and an optional thumbnail.

Every option works the same way, except this command contents box at the bottom is a different for each option!


This is the text that you want AWESOM-O to respond with whenever the command is run.

Random Text

AWESOM-O will select at random, one of the items you have entered when the command is run.


AWESOM-O will post the Image that you entered. (This needs to be a direct URL to the image)


AWESOM-O will post the GIF that you entered. (This needs to be a direct URL to the GIF)

Enabling your command

Please note that when using images or gifs, you should first post them to Discord and then copy the link to that image so the chance of the image link disappearing (which breaks the command) is effectively null. You can copy a link to an image or link like this:

After completing all these steps and pressing ‘Next’, you’ll be transferred to this page:

Your command has now been created! You can now add it to the marketplace by using the My Scripts tab mentioned earlier! If the slider is red, it’s enabled! (Should be enabled by default.)

You then need to enable it on said server by using the blue plus sign mentioned earlier as well.

And presto, your command is now available to use! Here’s the finished product of a Basic GIF Script!